Increase exercise capacity and ability to function in your daily life.
Can change your status from non-candidate to operative candidate for lung cancer, lung/heart transplant, and lung volume reduction surgery.
Decrease symptoms and complications.
A supervised program designed specifically for you.
Strong correlation between number of sessions and long-term outcomes.
Improve mood and lower levels of anxiety and depression.
Immediate admission after respiratory failure hastens recovery.
Learn strategies to manage breathing problems.
Improve breathing with reduced dyspnea and fewer complications.
Improve emotional well-being and quality of life.
Education & Resources
Air Quality

Education & Resources

Pulmonary Rehabilitation: What Is It?

Our program of exercise and education helps you manage your breathing.

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Useful Breathing Exercises

Exercises you can do when feeling short of breath.

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Coughing Effectively

Effective ways to clear mucus from the lungs.

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Glossary of Terms

Important key terms describing lung structures, respiratory disorders, and exercise equipment.

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